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Protect Your Oil Paintings Against Rips and Tears

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By Laura Kadi, Art Conservation Intern, Guest Blogger Rips and tears happen. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes not. Sometimes your beautiful painting is in reach of your bipolar child with scissors who cuts up your art like this painting below.   Or sometimes, your angry and vengeful lover knows the value of your painting and […]

Shipping Damage of Heirlooms: Liquid Tide Detergent Disaster

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By Arianna Spiller, FACL Intern A man and wife were being moved by her business; the moving company packing up all of their general belongings to go from Atlanta to Las Vegas. When the wife packed up her heirlooms and keepsakes, she took extra care…she thought.  Some of these heirlooms were the paintings done by […]

How To Hang A Painting and Do It Right.

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I was featured as an expert speaker this last week at the Laguna Arts Festival Lecture series ( I spoke about general things to think about when protecting and saving collectibles, artwork etc. We talked about protecting and saving items from storage problems, taking precautions when shipping, aging and falling apart, floods […]

Cracks Cause By Heating Vents

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Keep art work away from heating vents that will cause cracking and flaking. (Same goes for active fireplaces), never use cleaning liquids on paintings,and last but not least, never try to clean painting with solvents.  Careful inspections will help save flaking paint. If you find flaking paint, the best thing to do is call an […]

Hidden Flakes Can Be Dangerous When Cleaning.

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As you can see in the following photograph, this painting looks like it is in perfect conditions without any cracks or problems are odvious, however in the trees to the left, there are 6 or 8 very small flakes of paint that are coming off. These types of hard to see flakes are often knock off when […]

Stay Away From Flaking Paint!

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The most problems people face is to resist the temptation of touching an oil painting that is flaking. I have been amused to witness even the seasoned experienced collectors be rate themselves after they touch a flaking area and knock paint off.  Damaged art work should be removed from display once it’s damaged due to people’s […]