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Even Trash Can Be Turned Into Art Treasure with Proper Conservation

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Shockingly, this stunning piece was found flaking and dingy in the garbage! An inept attempt was made to “restore” it that involved an abundant application of wax to hold the painting together and a wipe with solvent to remove part of the dirt. The Dumpster Diver who discovered the painting donated it to a collector who recognized that under […]

Tips for Collectors: Protecting Yourself from Counterfeit and Fraudulent Art

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Real versus Fake? Distinguishing a genuine work of art from a counterfeit wannabe stands at the base of every collector’s worry. “Fakes” are not always an effort to deceive.  However, most “fakes” are fraudulent. Here are a few different scenarios to consider: An artist’s estate can ethically add an artist’s signature to a piece post mortem in an […]