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Hidden Flakes Can Be Dangerous When Cleaning.

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As you can see in the following photograph, this painting looks like it is in perfect conditions without any cracks or problems are odvious, however in the trees to the left, there are 6 or 8 very small flakes of paint that are coming off.

Hidden flakes can be dangerous when cleaning.

Hidden flakes can be dangerous when cleaning.

These types of hard to see flakes are often knock off when cleaning ladies dust art work.

Here are 3 important tips:

1. Never try to clean painting with solvents.

2.  Never use cleaning liquids on paintings.

3.Keep art work away from heating vents that will cause cracking and flaking. (Same goes for active fireplaces)

 Carefull evaluations will help save flaking paint. If you find flaking paint the best thing to do is call an art conservation laboratoties for advise. There are emergency treatments you can do at home on most paintings and also volume of books have been written about damaging painting by poeple trying to clean them, it is a very complicated process. But it is still good to get some advise.

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