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Plains Indians Encampment Water Damage in Garage

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As can be seen in the photograph, this painting by Fredrick Schaefer was sitting on the floor of the garage when 3 in. of water flooded the area causing the paint to flake off and destroying the gesso frame. The first problem was leaving/storing the art work on the floor in a poor quality storage area. […]

Hidden flaking can be knocked off when dusting

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The photograph looks like it is in perfect condition without any cracks or problems evident. However in the trees to the left, there are 6 or 8 very small flakes of paint that are coming off. These types of hard to see flakes are often knocked off when cleaning ladies dust art work. Here are […]

Cracking and damaged paintings caused by stretcher bars

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Cracking of paintings and damage cause by stretcher bars. There are 3 types of cracks of Fine Art that are directly related to stretcher bars. First photograph shows diagonal cracking that will form in each conner, this cracking pattern is very common, and has been recreated in artificial aging tests which have confirmed that they […]

Why Do We Touch an Oil Paint That is Flaking?

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One of the biggest problems people have is to resist the temptation of touching an oil painting that is flaking. I have been amused to witness even the seasoned experienced collectors be rate themselves after they touch a flaking area and knock paint off. The problem of people touching damage painting is the reason why, […]

Ripped/Punctured Oil Painting Looks Worse After Patch Job!

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Sweet Barbizon picture of mother and child looks worse after “restoration” and will look even worse with time! The painting was damaged because of poor handling or bad storage. Then someone, probably an artist, patched the rip/puncture and now it looks worse. Was there a alternative, better way to repair this? Should paintings be patched […]

Even Trash Can Be Turned Into Art Treasure with Proper Conservation

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Shockingly, this stunning piece was found flaking and dingy in the garbage! An inept attempt was made to “restore” it that involved an abundant application of wax to hold the painting together and a wipe with solvent to remove part of the dirt. The Dumpster Diver who discovered the painting donated it to a collector who recognized that under […]