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Archival Scrapbook Copying/Duplication… why?

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Making an archival copy of a scrapbook can be easier than you think. But why do it?! Welllllllll…. family members may want copies, the original may NOT be archival and you want to make one that will last, also disaster planning for the next tornado, hurricane or flood means getting physical archival copies of all […]

Floss Your Photos?!

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Do you have magnetic photo albums? Here’s a video from the Smithsonian with a neat trick on how to detach hard to remove photos.  The floss is a good trick/technique but be sure to use weights to hold down the page while detaching the photo, as she has demonstrated. It makes the job much easier! […]

Inexpensive and Fast Archival Method For Storing Photos, Letters and Certificates the Best Way – 7 Easy Steps, A Video Testimonial and a Quick Instructional Video

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What do you do when you inherit a large box of photos and other family history items and you want to protect and preserve them, but don’t have time to get organized, make cute scrapbooks and be “everything you can be”?! Women’s World Magazine recently interviewed me for information on what can a busy woman […]

Help, I Inherited A Pile Of Family Photos and Scrapbooks!

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This question (and answer) is reproduced here for the benefit of all… this is a very common situation that appeals to the heart of family history. To Scott, Thank you for the photo archival information that you sent to me as the Preservation Tips that I signed up for on It’s been very useful. […]