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House Grime and Yellowed Varnish on Oil Paintings- What Are Your Options?

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This oil  painting’s varnish is covered with grime and discolored- yellowed leaving the original colors dim and darker than the artist had originally intended. If you are thinking about whether you should have a painting cleaned, remember this: cleaning artwork is usually an aesthetic issue/question… not a preservation question. If all you are concerned about […]

Poor Storage causes damaged paintings

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This painting is not flaking or falling apart immediately. In other words, there is no emergency action needed to save the painting. So if these problems don’t get taken care of right away, all will not be lost. Damage in the form of cracking is now in the process of forming and becoming evident. To keep these […]

Cracks Cause By Heating Vents

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Keep art work away from heating vents that will cause cracking and flaking. (Same goes for active fireplaces), never use cleaning liquids on paintings,and last but not least, never try to clean painting with solvents.  Careful inspections will help save flaking paint. If you find flaking paint, the best thing to do is call an […]