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How To Not Forget Family History Stories – 3 Easy Steps To Start

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  By Jasmine Brand, historian, researcher, writer, guest blogger   Having a hard time remembering past stories from people in your family? Are you worried about the next generation remembering their heritage? While some people love their family photos and get warm fuzzies, some people struggle reconciling their past relationships and events. Yet, we are […]

Alexander Hesler/George Ayres interpositive of Abraham Lincoln

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Here’s a really interesting video about a glass photo image of Abraham Lincoln being repaired. I guess it’s full technical identification is an Alexander Hesler/George Ayres interpositive. Too bad its only 30 seconds. I would have liked to see more details. Really interesting: Photographic conservation is so interesting. Has anyone else seen photos in a […]

Mold damage and storage of family history.

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Here’s a family pile of stuff that was cleaned from mold and packed away under our care. Even if you don’t want to go through the inventorying process, protect items with baggies and proper storage containers. For important papers, certificates, memories in the office, these are great ideas for emergency preparedness.

A story of recovering photos after a flood

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Here’s a letter from a photographer that had a flood in his darkroom. Although you may not have the skills, you can get the services of a photo lab to help you in time of need. Notice also, how he set priorities of things he wants to save. April 10, 2009, Hey Scott, Nice article […]