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Good Recommendation From Chicken Soup For The Soul Author

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Heirlooms and pets don’t mix (at least not in the same space… like your car, unprotected). This big rip was a $2,500.00 mistake. While at a glance, the new book featured in this article, looks like a pet care book, actually, if your house was on fire and you had to grab and go, would you grab your house pet or your family heirloom? Both are heartfelt treasures that you would regret losing… for years. Both occupy a special place in our heart with tender emotions for treasured parts of our lives. Both are worthy of care and prep in order for you feel and be empowered for a best result when an emergency situation arises.

As I said, heirlooms and house pets don’t mix!!!  At any given time we can have items in the art conservation lab damaged by pets… its quite common. This book is full of tips for protecting your pet and collectible care and maintenance.

So, we got an enthusiastic, good recommendation/review from Chicken Soup For The Soul Author, Raymond Aaron! Here is what he had to say about our book on protecting pets and heirlooms…

“I first met Scott Haskins in 2018 when we spoke on the same program in Salt Lake City. I was impressed by his amazing and compelling content, his depth of expertise and his animated and entertaining presentation of his Save Your Stuff series for our treasured family photos, heirlooms and collectibles… along with our pets, all high energy, positive things in our lives that we can’t insure against loss and damage!”

“But then I learned that Diane Stevenett, famed Canadian opera star and renown sculptor, was also a conservation technician on Scott’s disaster response team. She is also a pet care expert and is part of this dynamic duo author team!”

“Don’t underestimate the emotional power and stability you gain in knowing you’re ready and prepared for the inevitable, and that your pet is protected.”

“If you are Human Resource professional, this information probably folds neatly into your company’s mission statement, and corporate culture of emotional resilience in your employees. Make this book’s message a part of your employee and public outreach resource efforts. This level of personal emotional preparedness will help you engage more positive attitudes, and get your company back up and running faster after an emergency.”

“If you are a pet owner, this book is a “Must Read!” Because you know how the care of pets pulls so forcefully on our heartstrings.”

“There is no other book, as complete and authoritative, on this essential subject in the pet industry. I highly recommend it! Gift one today!”

Beside the discount price on Amazon, the book purchase includes a continuing education of preservation tips and reminders of things to do and to remind you of why you thought the book was a good idea (so you don’t leave the book forgotten on your shelf…)

If you prefer to order a hand signed copy by the author, for $30.00 we will include the signing, the sales tax, the handling and shipping and we will include a continuing education authoritative email series by the experts to remind you why you bought the book, to remind you to take action and to stay in touch… but we PROMISE that we will not sell your info to anyone. Contact our office 805 564 3438

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