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Poor Storage causes damaged paintings

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Two deep dents on the bottom of the painting

This painting is not flaking or falling apart immediately. In other words, there is no emergency action needed to save the painting. So if these problems don’t get taken care of right away, all will not be lost. Damage in the form of cracking is now in the process of forming and becoming evident.

To keep these damages from happening, do not lean anything on the painting. Cover front and back with card box, or place in a cardboard mirror box. Do not store where the temperature gets too hot or too cold, or where it gets humid or moldy.

When you have a damaged painting, your home owner’s insurance policy may help you pay for it, and may even pay you for lost value. For more information about this, go to or call us at 805 564 3438

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  1. Nani Entetle says:

    Thank you so much for your generous time that you spent with me and my print. I was so pleased to visit your facility, get the tour, buy your book How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster and get some Museum Wax. Wow! I learned so much while at your place!

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