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What about 1st Edition Revisions of your book?

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Thanks Scott. I’ve had a little time to go through your e-book. What are your plans for updating Chapter 3 to include items such as USB drives, external hard drives, etc. – items that most people work with today? Do you have an upcoming revised edition in the works? If so, when would the revised e-book be available? I’d like to sell your e-book via our website, but don’t want to sell it if a revised edition is to be released soon. Please let me know when it will be available, and we’ll go from there.

Geoff Rasmussen, Millennia Corporation

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11 Responses to "What about 1st Edition Revisions of your book?"
  1. Scott says:

    Good to hear from you Geoff,
    When I began nearing the end of my run of the 1st Edition, I was picked up by a NY publisher, Morgan James Publishing for a 2nd edition. As I started on it, I was quickly overwhelmed with requests to put out an office or corporate edition before redoing the 1st edition. So, I am in the process of finishing up the Office Edition which should be available in July 2010. Shortly thereafter, the office edition will undergo translation into a Spanish Edition.

    In the new future editions, I won’t rewrite Chapter 3 per se. But I am enlarging the Appendix on Making Copies in the 1st Edition you’re inquiring about and making it into a chapter of the the new editions. In this new chapter on Making Copies (Chapter 9 in the Office Edition) I will address electronic/magnetic media but the bottom line news about preserving that storage media is bad: its not archival. Even if it were archival, the software programs to open the documents changes so quickly that within 10 years you can’t open your files anyway. The world is awash with info on backing up electronic storage media and in recouping crashed drives. So, that task doesn’t really play into my expertise anyway.

    Your concern (about offering outdate info) is logical. But the edition on site for download will not be rewritten until next year. In addition, as you can see, a person does not need to download the whole book. One of the benefits is to download individual chapters. The eventual update will not be an updating of preservation techniques and technology. The techniques and coaching in this 1st Edition are always valid.

    Also, we are expanding our offering with other publications from contributing experts on related subjects and I have just last week made an agreement with a company named Ready America to supply products and fulfillment services. So, as you can see, I plan to offer much more on the website than just my Home Edition of How To Save Your Stuff.

    As a benefit to your customers, though it has no direct financial benefit to you, there are many educational articles to download (and the blog) that are very informative and enjoyable. If you would prefer to offer these articles and expertise directly on your website, I would be willing to work with you to give you all the educational material to put together a very useful page on your website.

    Thanks for your permission to post your question. I look forward to hearing from you on an affiliate relationship.

    BTW, I’m in Orlando FL at the National Hurricane Conference. The experts are expecting a bad season ahead of us.

  2. Kimi Louis says:

    Thanks for sharing. The book’s great! I’m looking forward to some of the instructional videos.

  3. Desi Feng says:

    Fantastic blog! Very well written. I’ll check out your book. Will you be translating it into Chinese?

    • Scott says:

      I was working with a Shanghai company that has since fizzled out. Right now my next language will probably be Spanish. But Chinese is a definite direction I want to go. I feel the Save Your Stuff Message has universal appeal and importance. So, I am open to distribution in all countries.

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  7. Play Sand says:

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  8. Dallas says:

    Obviously, wedding pictures and memories are super important to preserve and save… so I’d be sure to have my wedding album ready to grab and go, as you put it. But your idea of having a copy in some other location is genius. Thanks for the info and reminding me to do something!

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