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This fake is so good that its scarry! And I did it!!!!

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I’ve got friends with a family heirloom print. Its very nice. We rematted it (acid free materials and UV filtering plexi) and kept the original framing. It looks really good. My friends have some family members that would love to hang the family heirloom too but, alas, there’s only one…. BUT WAIT!. With todays technology, we decided to take a high resolution photo, have it printed by a professional printer on matte paper to look like the original and… wow… it looks JUST like the original! That’s even scarry. Now, this makes it look even scarrier… I’m going to take an antique frame (see photo) and have my framer cut it down to be the right size for the print, we’ll mat it up just like the original and it will look like, on the family member’s wall, like the “real deal.” No one will be able to tell the difference. Maybe I should write on the back that its a copy… I think I’ll suggest too, that they keep the digital copy in a safe place in case of disaster and back up… and maybe a copy at a family member’s house or bank vault.

15 Responses to "This fake is so good that its scarry! And I did it!!!!"
  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for your comment on the blog. I once took an Old Master engraving print in black and white; then put a loose sheet of blank 300 year old paper in the laserwriter printer and hit “Print.” Visually, the effect was VERY convincing even though one could see immediately under the stereoscope that it was a photocopy.

    While I’m, OBVIOUSLY NOT, advocating making fakes, this whole process will help a family who needs to make multiple copies for different family members of items that are important to family history, memories etc.

    Remember, re-utilizing on old frame (cutting it down to fit) obviously helps in the whole “look.”

    Its a GREAT technique also for a business who does not want to put anything on the walls that might get stolen, but wants it to look real and have quality.

    Thanks again for your input. I too consult constantly on fakes and identifying them.


  2. Scott says:

    Hello Scott,
    Thanks for your reply, and allowing me to contribute on your blog. I was googling some similar topics and came across it and thought it was a great read! Keep up the good work, and I hope we can both keep on top of the fakes! Hope to talk to you again soon!

    Good to have you commenting, Jordan. Its an interesting subject, no? I’ll keep blogging about what comes into the lab and what I see in my travels and perhaps you’ll find it worthy to refer it to others. Check out also for media articles you may find of interest.
    All my best.

  3. Michael Shilling says:

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  4. William Vacheresse says:

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    • Scott says:

      Just a note, I am speaking at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando Florida at the end of the month (March 2010). So, you can see, I take the emergency preparedness part of my message very seriously. I’ll be talking more about this in the weeks coming up.

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  10. Kelly Kardashian says:

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