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Save Your Stuff in the Workplace by Scott M. Haskins newly released

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Save Your Stuff in the Workplace has JUST been delivered! Long awaited by business and emergency preparedness organizations, its exciting to finally have it in hand. Check out the info on Amazon: CLICK HERE to go to Amazon and put in the search box “Save Your Stuff Workplace” Thanks for your support!

Scott M. Haskins' Save Your Stuff in the Workplace

Just pulled the 1st copy out of the box today!

Protecting and saving your company’s artwork, collectibles, memorabilia, and employee’s personal items in your workplace is essential, especially before natural disaster situations occur, for 1.) workplace safety and 2.) the emotional response of fellow employees. Discover how these two conditions are of paramount importance for your office’s business continuity and the reopening of your workplace after a disaster.

Reflect on your company’s Mission Statement and corporate culture and discover how safeguarding these items must be an important part of your HR emergency preparedness plan (personnel emotional preparedness) whether you are in a corporation or a government office… and how fun it is to implement!

Save Your Stuff in the Workplace helps you assess your needs and establishes clear strategies for action which you won’t see in any other source! Also included with the purchase of this book, you will receive continuing education to help you and other office personnel to implement and enjoy the success. You won’t have to do this by yourself!

3 BISAC Categories


Resources & Personnel Management

2. BUS033070BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Insurance / Risk Assessment & Management

3. ANT000000 Antiques & Collectibles/ General

3 Alternate BISAC Categories

BUS096000BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Office Management

BUS093000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Facility Management

BUS085000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Organizational


BUS077000BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Corporate & Business History

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