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Save Money – Cool Idea – Recycle Old Frames – 3 Great Tips

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I like the idea of recycling old frames, if they are decent looking. Think of it, a frame from the 20th century is from the “last century.” One of the ways to help a work of art to “look old” is to put an old frame around it. Why would you want to do that? Mostly because either the old one was lost or damaged very badly or you want a new reproduction to look old.

So, here’s the drill. Have fun scavenging around garage sales for old frames. An old frame can be bought cheap but remember the following:

1. If the frame has ornamentation, it will be much more expensive to cut down and make it look good.
2. If the ornamentation is flaking off, the ornamentation might be brittle and break off in the process of handling. I think you should be able to see if the whole thing is going to fall apart in your hands.
3. Obviously, the frame should be much larger than the artwork so it can be cut down.

The photo shows a new art print (of an old piece of artwork) being framed with a new mat (in an old style) with a cut down old frame. The final result looks terrific! This recycling trick often costs less than buying a new frame. But if the frame is damaged and requires repair, then it could cost more… but then, again, you would have a vintage frame.

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18 Responses to "Save Money – Cool Idea – Recycle Old Frames – 3 Great Tips"
  1. Joan Smith says:

    I enjoyed the article and thanks for posting such interesting info. I love the idea recycling old frames! I tried your suggestion and the framer who cut down the old frame charged me less than a new frame and I liked it a lot more! Great book by the way. I agree with your testimonials. Thanks.

  2. Scott says:

    Way to go Joan! Glad you gave it a try. I love doing this too. I cut down frames for my grandkid’s artwork. It makes it look more important. Thanks for keep coming back and for your support, Joan.

  3. Joen Baldwin says:

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be extremely interesting. I will be coming back for more information and to purchase more items. great values.

  4. Fachu Malof says:

    Made some good points, I liked it. Do people get appraisals for frames?

  5. Good method for recycling old frames. I love the idea. I think every old thing can be put in use if you are creative enough… but in this case its not just an old thing recycled. Its something of value and style brought forward from the past. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Senator pens says:

    Ebay and Amazon would be best for worldwide access but you’d have to consider shipping costs, etc. For local sales, contact some gift and music stores they might be interested in having a collection. You could try art galleries or even set up a stall at art festivities like Kala Ghoda in Mumbai.

  7. Pierre Davis says:

    I love the idea recycling old frames! Instead of throwing it and adding to your trash, use our imagination to have useful… even beautiful things recycled. Thanks for posting this. I am inspired to search for old frames to preserve and restore.

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  9. Ashwari Thakkar says:

    Unfortunately, new frames are being charged at a very high price. I dont know why because the materials are not that expensive to buy, wholesale. It is best to get the frames from garage sales and swap meets as you suggest. I think it is fun to to search for them. I have a nice collection of frames.

  10. Alexus Durwin says:

    Best idea! I will try to to do this at my home too.

  11. Madona Cruise says:

    Cool idea about recycling frames! I will try to do this in my home too.

  12. This is so unique idea i never received this much of stuff.. Many cool ideas about cool frames.. Really these are very helpful to us to make a better collection.

  13. Raju Srivastawa says:

    Money saved is like it earned! Thank you for sharing this article about old frames. I love this idea.

  14. Natasha says:

    Hello, thank You for your article, some really nice tips! But sometimes we can’t really keep ALL that junk in the house, so it is important to know how to get rid of all that trash that humanity is producing.

  15. Don says:

    Amazing blog and amazing stuff saving money is a good idea.

  16. Felix Nagel says:

    This is really kind of interesting, and I really can relate to this post.

    I’m really fond of old stuff, and I honestly prefer the old frames with all the rustic and aging look it has, and I personally do find that it it makes the photos look really authentic as memories in my own opinion, though my mom find it weird and often offers to buy me new frames everytime.

    But really, I think using the the old frames that still are in form really is a great way to recycle things.

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