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Remember the Movie Entrapment? This Grandma Hated It.

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Remember when Sean Connery cut the Rembrandt out of the frame, rolled it up, slid it into a mailing tube and mailed it out of the building? Well, this was one of those times when Hollywood imagination had a higher priority than well researched details! Let me tell you what happens when you do that to a painting… never mind the painting was supposed to be wellGrandma, stolen and rolled up over 400 years old.

Meet Grandma. She painted her self portrait painting a painting in her beautiful white dress. She was a “looker.” Nicely painted, it was done around 1900. Along with the contents of the house, it was cut out of the frame, rolled up like a newspaper and stolen. However, in this case, the men in blue got their man, got the stuff back and the painting was recuperated by the police.

So, here’s what happens when you roll an old painting up. The paint goes nuts! It pops off and the family brought me the portrait, unrolled, looking like a plate of corn flakes.

If you live close to Los Angeles, the second half of this week and the weekend is the Los Angeles Art Show of the Fine Art Dealers Association. Held in the LA conventions Center next to Staples, it’ll be a great show with LOTS to see. Come by as see us too… Grandma will be there!

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29 Responses to "Remember the Movie Entrapment? This Grandma Hated It."
  1. Scott says:

    Dorothy responded:

    “The devastation in Haiti does not compare with the loss of collections we might suffer but I do agree that our homes are filled with family treasures and that even a dogs tail or child running through the house can cause damage. The techniques in your book help to teach how to caretake our family memorabilia. I encourage everyone to get a copy! “

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  8. Frank Gilbert says:

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  9. Ali Michaels says:

    I deal with a lot of fakes from Europe but we also run into paintings that have been rolled up and we guess (fantasize) that many years ago they were smuggled. We see the situation you posted about all the time. Everyone that stores or ships art should take your coaching to heart or suffer the loss in value and ruin the artwork. Thanks for writing about this.

    I love your blog. Its so interesting. I’ll look at your book.

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    • Scott says:

      Great question. Yes! There are many things to watch out for.

      First BIG tip is to never use off the shelf household cleaning products on artwork and antiques!

      Search on this blog. There are a few posts that have to do with damage from cleaning ladies.

      Also, my book continually reminds people about being careful about clean up on all kinds of items. You can download a specific chapter if you don’t want to order the whole book.

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  20. Brittany Thompson says:

    That is too bad! This looked like it would have been lovely too. What a shame that real life can’t be like the movies!

  21. Matt says:

    Yes, I’ve seen people roll up a painting before. What alot of people don’t relize is the paint is dry and hard like candle wax. And it will do what you showed in that pic.

  22. Niko Sumaki says:

    I’ve seen paintings rolled up and sold before. But your article is pretty clear about the damage that can occur. So, why doesn’t it happen to all paintings?

    • Scott says:

      Damage appears to not happen immediately to new paintings but the damage will show up later. The damage happens more immediately on vintage paintings.

  23. Lisa says:

    Great story. She was such a beautiful woman.

  24. bheem says:

    Old paintings or pics are so important to save them. I do have my great grand fathers and ancestors photos safe with me..:-)

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