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Quick and Cheap Archival Scrapbook, Photo album, Memories- 3 Survival Tips

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Recently, my nephew got married to a really great girl. We are thrilled to have her in our family. Their story of how they met, how they romanced each other and how the proposal went was sooo cute and it was all illustrated in a scrapbook next to the sign-in book at the reception. Everyone got a kick out of looking through it. What a priceless piece of family history that was JUST created! I would be heart sick to know that because of moving or because of some other casual forgetfulness that this scrapbook of memories was to be lost…  So, here are some tips to protect, preserve and save these treasured memories:

Family History starts before this moment...

Family History starts before this moment...

What do you have to do to make this photo archival?

1. Make a photocopy on a laser copier. If you do this on acid-free paper, it’ll be archival. Printing on your home computer is not archival!

2. and keep the copy in a separate location than where the first copy is kept.

3. Once copied, put the copied pages into plastic page protectors and place in a favorite binder.

Actually, I add, if you are making one copy why not two? Send one to Illinois besides the original and a copy in California. Earthquakes, house fires, hurricanes, floods can happen and do. My Mom threw out boxes of wet irreplaceable photos and letters because they got wet when a water heater broke. What a disaster! I could have saved them… I even wrote a book about it!

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5 Responses to "Quick and Cheap Archival Scrapbook, Photo album, Memories- 3 Survival Tips"
  1. Dana Hyde says:

    What a great resource! My genealogy group is going to love this cheap easy option to expensive scrapbooks. I see that you approved redistributing the freebies if we give you credit. Will do and thanks. Love your book.

  2. Peleva Talas says:

    This was very interesting to read. We don not have this information from anyone in Russian.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. Can I? Do you have an account on Twitter?

    • Scott says:

      Yes, feel free to quote our posts on your blog. Also you can stay connected with us on Twitter by following best_artdoc and Save Your Stuff

  3. deepak says:


    nice and very informative thinks


  4. This is really cool. I think that losing something like a full album can be such a tragedy for anyone! Archiving things like this is such a great idea!

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