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Priceless Collectibles? Are they worth protecting?

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This post is submitted by guest blogger Michele the E-bay Seller:

As a long time eBay consignment seller and trading assistant, I’ve had a lot of collectibles pass through my hands. I’ve also been invited into many homes to review and value collections of items for owners seeking to sell at profit or who are seeking to immediately liquidate items for needed cash on the spot. I’m often shown many collectibles and keepsakes, just for “show”, but I’m told they’re too dear to the family and not for sale.

Time and again I’m struck by how little people do to protect these collectibles and heirlooms that they insist they could never part with for any amount of money. Surely then, they’re worth a very small amount of money to protect and preserve them against the damages of water from hurricanes, torrential rains and flooding? Certainly also, collectible objects should be anchored to protect against breakage from being inadvertently bumped or, heaven forbid, shaken from their shelves and wall mounts and such in the event of an earthquake or other disaster.

As a dealer in a lot of collectible paper items I, sadly, sometimes go to see a collection only to find it badly damaged from moisture and mildew or from light exposure. It breaks my heart and it pains me to have to tell people that what they’ve spent years and money collecting is essentially worth very little to anyone but them.

There are such simple steps anyone can take to preserve their precious keepsakes and collectibles. When I mention things to the people I meet like anchoring shelves to walls, or anchoring collectibles down to shelves or using archival plastic bags for photo albums and so on, I’m often given what my mom used to call the $10 stare. Lately I’ve been mentioning Scott’s book, How to Save Your Stuff from a Disaster…, to the people I’ve been meeting with. If people aren’t prompted by my advice to them, maybe they’ll at least buy a book and take action after they see what I’ve said to them reinforced in print.

Thanks Scott for letting me share!


You are welcome Michele. Thank you. Btw, here’s a quick video to illustrate just how easy it can be to protect and save paper items:

Collectibles in need of protection from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados

Collectibles in need of protection from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados

21 Responses to "Priceless Collectibles? Are they worth protecting?"
  1. Tracy Chavez says:

    I love to collect vintage prints and artworks and I make sure that I protect and preserve them at all times. Priceless (heirlooms?) collectibles are worth protecting because they are actually much more valuable than those collectibles which can easily be bought and replaced. So, I have priorities.

  2. Brenda Jackson says:

    This article is very nice to my surprise!! My collectibles are very important to me. Thanks for the links to the videos.

  3. dave nicholl says:

    Protecting your collectibles seems like a no brainer. Thanks, really great write-up.

  4. Jane Isemoto says:

    The discussion of setting value on something is interesting. I have heirlooms that I can sell for much be mean the world to me… I’d be SOL if I depended on an insurance policy to protect me. Thanks for making me think about this more.

  5. Hayward Valvesi says:

    WOW! what great info for collectors.

  6. Ezra Truflo says:

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! Good stuff.

  7. Phillip Sanders says:

    Thanks for sharing this good info. I teach a class that will enjoy this blog.

  8. Patty Samuels says:

    Thank you very much for posting and sharing this great article about value of collectibles and memorabilia. Its always a questions especially when all a collector hears is the sales pitch of the store. It is so interesting.

  9. Jenny Maria says:

    Great info and thanks for this. I’m trying to be a good collector and not buy junk but this article helps me think about it a little differently.

  10. Daniel Forge says:

    Great information about taking care of collectibles. Even if they are “just” memories they are still worth protecting. Interesting blog and topic.

  11. Sally Odesk says:

    Very nice post! Very good info on the idea of value of collectibles. Thanks.

  12. Ashby says:

    Its really an impressive article. I loved it.

  13. Alice says:

    Great article about the value of collectibles and memorabilia. Many many thanks. I always have the discussion about whether its clutter with my husband.

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  18. Every collection is priceless for its owner. It i svery important to save each collection, so that all people can enjoy it.

  19. sam says:

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  20. Neal Fry says:

    So many people like to invest in art and antiques and your info seems so important. Thank for the help.

  21. Jane says:

    Of course they are worth collecting. Otherwise, why would people collect them.

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