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Poor Handling of Antiques May Result in Loss of Value

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One of the most common types of damage that we encounter is due to careless handling, improper packing for storing conditions and not being careful because the item is not important in the opinion of the owner.

On the other hand all of these clumsy mistakes can be claimed on insurance damage. After an item is damaged all of a sudden the item becomes very important.

The picture of “Babe Rainbow” is a fun picture from 1968 and was bought by its owner in 1968 in London, England. It has obviously been moved and stored in numerous locations in the last 30 plus years. Minimal care has included stuffing the artwork under a bed with numerous other items. The result has been scratches, kinks and dings in the metal and a very “tired” look.

Until last week “Babe Rainbow” was thought to be only a souvenir from the 60s. The daughter of the owner lives in London and saw in an antique store window a framed copy of this item in perfect condition for thousands of dollars.

Because of handling and storage of the artwork, which resulted in compromised position now, comes into play by significantly reducing the value.

The lesson to be learned is that this kind of damage could occur in a minute when precautions are not taken during a move or when thinking ahead about earthquakes and hurricanes.

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6 Responses to "Poor Handling of Antiques May Result in Loss of Value"
  1. Karen Lån says:

    Antiques that are actually treasures sometimes lose their value not only because of poor care and handling but also resulting to poor quality. Some of us don’t really know what they’re worth.

  2. Albert says:

    I also like your wonderful post. I think Poor Handling of Antiques May Result in Loss of Value. Its was true for us when we inherited some things from grandparents and they arrived damaged and worth a fraction of the previous appraisals. Really sad.

  3. Amazing post! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Cathy Atkinson says:

    Very informative article. Thanks

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