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Emergency – Disaster – Preparedness at home. An interesting twist

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Last evening I was called over to a house in the LA area. The owner had questions about protecting and preserving framed artwork that are heirlooms and dear memories (same info I have in my book, downloadable here on this site).

As we toured the house we got to talking about his family photos, certificates etc and he got fired up about getting everything copied, digitized, organized and prepared for an emergency (same tasks I outline in my book). He, however, doesn’t have the time as he’s busy with business. So we’re going to do it all for him.

The interesting twist, though is that he collects racbicycle_racinging bicycles. He has about 30 of them around his house and he wants them protected against corrosion. So, we’ll coat them with a protective wax coating (like we talk about in the chapter on objects) and reglue down labels that are peeling off. While, of course, that doesn’t protect them if a big earthquake hits, it protects the finish and bare metal against corrosion and the cleaning lady.

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One Response to "Emergency – Disaster – Preparedness at home. An interesting twist"
  1. Ursula Megendis says:

    Interesting story. Worrying about preserving my family’s photos during this last hurricane scare kept me awake at night. Thanks for your help!

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