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Collectibles, Heirlooms, and Preserving Memories

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This lovely alabaster sculpture is a treasured heirloom from the owner’s mother. It was originally bought in the 1920’s in Florence, Italy and was passed down from mother to daughter.  Sadly, due to poor packing and inept storage, the center section broke into several pieces.  This greatly distressed the owner, as this heirloom was very precious to her.


Damage due to improper packing and storage can be attributed to a lack of common sense.  For example, some clients damage pieces when they stack a heavy box on top of fragile items. However, not all potential damage is as easily avoided, and when tricky situations arise sometimes you need an expert opinion.  When help is required packing home items, we have found that businesses such as The UPS Store give great advice. Although it may cost more effort and money to safeguard your valuables when packing, moving, and storing, it is less expensive than restoration.  Keep in mind that extra padding on all sides of a packing box is a cheap alternative to repair and loss of value.


Although it is important to take extra precautions when packing and moving, it is another discussion for items on display in your home that can be destroyed by various disasters and events (earthquakes, hurricanes… and grandkids!). We recommend using Museum Wax, which is an anchoring adhesive that can help you avoid damage to collectibles when a building starts to shake.  It secures valuable items to the wall, shelves, tables, and more, which means less falling and breaking for art collectors.   Once this client’s decorative plate is restored to its previous perfection, she can further protect it for further generations by protecting it with Museum Wax.



This gorgeous heirloom is show in its entirety without damage.


These fragile pieces broke off the plate due to neglectful packing and storage.


Plate missing its center piece.

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    You are doing a great job on this blog. It is so interesting! I have been a reader for some months now and tell others about it too. Also, your Facebook page on Fine Art Conservation is really interesting. Anything else going on?

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