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Damaged art – insurance claim?

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I’ve written before about what it does to a painting to roll it up. But, just to reinforce the issue, here’s another example. But, for the first time, let me make some interesting points: 1. This painting and the others I’ve shown you on this blog, were rolled up on a small cardboard tube (1 […]

Damaged Art And A Detective Story- A Japanese American

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This just came in the lab this morning. A very nice portrait of a Japanese American from 1944 in oil. Why it would be trimmed of its edges in such an ugly manner can only be explained by the painting being pulled from its frame, cut unceremoniously off its stretcher bars then rolled up and […]

Mold damage and storage of family history.

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Here’s a family pile of stuff that was cleaned from mold and packed away under our care. Even if you don’t want to go through the inventorying process, protect items with baggies and proper storage containers. For important papers, certificates, memories in the office, these are great ideas for emergency preparedness.

$25,000 fell off the wall!

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Was it a weak hook, a frayed wire, a loose hanging eye screw? The weakest link is the one that will let go when things start to shake… and most of us live in parts of the country where we can be shaken up by earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes. In addition to hanging hardware in good condition, think about a shake wax.

Do It Your-Selfers: Don’t Do This!!!!!

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Impatient, the do it yourselfer may just pull framing apart without knowing that taking off even a little of the surface of a paper item will reduce the value because its damaged. This is POOR quality work!

Remember the Movie Entrapment? This Grandma Hated It.

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Remember when Sean Connery cut the Rembrandt out of the frame, rolled it up, slid it into a mailing tube and mailed it out of the building? Well, this was one of those times when Hollywood imagination had a higher priority than well researched details! Let me tell you what happens when you do that […]