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A question about protecting my stuff from water damage

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A questions from Lauren in MS –

Still in school so I don’t have that much stuff. Mostly, my stuff is at my parent’s house. All my certificates and photos are in plastic tubs. I learned that in Katrina. Worried about original paintings by me. Any suggestions?

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Good job getting your stuff into tubs!! And good job having copies in another location! Very smart strategy.

As for your original art, here are a couple of tips:
1. Get everything photographed highest resolution possible, put on a CD and copies in a couple of different places.
2. Change out the glass of the framing with plexiglas. This can be done cheaply at an Aaron Bro.s type store.
3. A cardboard (or Foamboard) backing applied to the back of paintings on canvas can also be put on at the framers. Very useful protection.
4. Have everything varnish with an easy to remove varnish in case cleaning is required. Acrylics need to be varnished differently than oils.
5. There are other things that are more complicated. Do you need to hear about the next level of precautions that can be taken?


49 Responses to "A question about protecting my stuff from water damage"
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  32. Leslie says:

    Oh I had to learn this the hard way but definitely not as hard as you. I had a basement leak and everything I had was ruined. My books and work and barely anything salvagable it was horrible. Now I put everything in plastic container seal tight.

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      Thanks for your comment on the blog. Sorry you had that painful experience. What you did for the future will be good protection.

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    Water damage and mold ruined cardboard box of family history photos and letter that got wet from the water heater leaking. My Mom threw the stuff out. Its been years and I’m still crying over it (the loss of memories) and that my kids won’t have them to remember by. These types of things are truly worthy of the effort to take care of them.

  35. Great tips. Thanks. I heard that water damage accounts for the most often repeated disaster.

  36. We put alot of items into storage which can be for long periods of time. If this is the case we will wrap anything that needs to be protected from moisture.

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