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A Major Earthquake in California Imminent In The Next Two Weeks!

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Immanent Earthquake in CA?

Immanent Earthquake in CA?

Neil Cavuto thinks that an expert can predict an earthquake, for the first time, and in the article link at the end of this article, he lays out the reasons.

Washington and Oregon is being warned of a 9.0… but all of California is part of the “Ring of Fire.”

What can you do to prepare?! Well, here’s a hint: More people are damaged in an earthquake by stuff that’s flying around in the air rather than a building falling on them.

What could become a projectile in your home or office? Collectibles, glassware, figurines and ceramics, artwork, heirlooms, memorabilia?

Anchor these items down! See this quick video…

We’ll send you out your purchase immediately!

Here’s Cavuto’s comments:

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