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Tim Says, “Don’t Prepare to Protect or Save Collectibles from an Earthquake?” Wake up Tim!!

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The picture hook gave away when the office building shook

The picture hook gave away when the office building shook. It could have been avoided in a couple of ways.

Here’s a comment from a reader who expresses a common misconception that could really hurt you in the end:

I’m researching into earthquakes and disaster management for my Masters… and came across this site… How could you believe that the people hit by the earthquake in Chile could care about picture frames getting damaged or vases chipped… as if they own a camera to protect photos?! … Where is the information about how people can donate to help those whose lives have been ruined and have nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat?

I should have protected my collectibles with Museum Wax!

"I should have taken Scott's advice and used Museum Wax to anchor down my collectibles!!!"

Actually, I cut his rant short but you get the idea… So, here are some points I’d like to be crystal clear for you…cause I really do care what you take away from this website:
1. Tim, not everybody that lives outside the US or in a poor country is dirt poor with not even enough money to buy a camera. Your attitude is so Americano Ignoramus! For instance, China has one of the lowest per capita income levels for workers in the world and yet, more than 10% of the country is affluent. Let’s see, 10% of 1.6 billion is… wow, 160 million people! (OK, now I feel better… on to what’s important to learn…)
2. Statistically, while there are some that suffer the full brunt of devastation in an earthquake, hurricane or tornado, there is 90% of the people in outlying areas that only get shook up, sustain some damage but survive very nicely. In other words, if a natural disaster hits your area full on, chances are, you will not be obliterated but you may lose cherished, treasured items you were not prepared to protect. These unprepared people will loose keepsakes, heirlooms, collectibles, family history and have moderate insurance claims. Most of this damage can be avoided, with preparation/preparedness. (for instance see “Quake Wax” at top of page)

3. Does stuff fly around when an earthquake or hurricane strikes? Anchoring down ceramics, frames, artwork in preparations for the “shake up” will keep them from flying around when the moment comes: that means better safety for you!
4. This article, like all the other information on this blog focuses ONLY on my expertise: the niche of emergency preparedness that you will NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE: the protection and saving of collectibles, artwork, heirlooms, family history, art related business assets. (see my book in “Products” in the side bar on this page)
5. There are LOTS of websites about emergency preparedness (health, home, information backup, federal, city and state programs) and donating to causes on the internet. Those areas are NOT my expertise.
6. I will be listing soon the organizations I recommend for giving/donating. Stay plugged into our website by being update automatically when we post an article by CLICKING NOW on the RSS feed.

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