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Photo Album and Certificates Water Damaged and Moldy

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Yesterday a lady gave me two photo albums that were badly damaged by water and mold. How could they get this way!? They are a genealogist’s nightmare! Or perhaps any mother’s nightmare. Well, it wasn’t a raging flood. It wasn’t a mud slide or earthquake. It wasn’t the water from firemen putting out a fire. […]

Mold damage and storage of family history.

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Here’s a family pile of stuff that was cleaned from mold and packed away under our care. Even if you don’t want to go through the inventorying process, protect items with baggies and proper storage containers. For important papers, certificates, memories in the office, these are great ideas for emergency preparedness.

$25,000 fell off the wall!

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Was it a weak hook, a frayed wire, a loose hanging eye screw? The weakest link is the one that will let go when things start to shake… and most of us live in parts of the country where we can be shaken up by earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes. In addition to hanging hardware in good condition, think about a shake wax.