Save Your Stuff from a Disaster  


"Am writing to thank you for my copy of your informative, amusing, and useful tome 'How To Save Your Stuff from A Disaster'. I believe it will prove to be a useful addition to the literature in the field aimed at the lay audiences. All the best wishes to see it soon on the New York Best Seller List!"
James Swope,
Conservator of Fine Art,



This will be a continuing education site with downloadable documents, instructional videos, encouragement, tips and a real person to talk to if you need one.


Also, we will be conducting workshops, seminars and speaking at conferences.


We are specialized at coordinating sponsorships of corporations to benefit non profits that can also be used as a fund raiser.

Consultation Services

Consultation services include emergency preparedness and disaster response planning and research, insurance evaluations connected with emergency/damage surveys, acquisition/ deaccession evaluations, grant preparation and applications, fundraising, setting collection conservation/preservation priorities, long-range planning and short-range budget plans, evaluations of storage facilities and environmental needs, consultant for traveling exhibitions/shipping.


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FACL Appraisals LLC
805-895-5121, Email:
Provides professional appraisals for all types of personal property.
FACL Appraisals professionally appraises fine art and antiques, collections, personal property, and estates. They are unique because they combine their appraisal service with a conservation laboratory. As such they can also assist in authenticating and technically analyze artwork that they appraise.




A short list of some notable clients for whom these services have been provided:

The Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, CA
Bonhams and Butterfield Auctioneers and Appraisers
John Moran antique and Fine Art Auctioneers
Japanese American National Museum
National Park Service, United States Government
The General Services Administration, US Government
City of Dallas, Texas
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Central Library, City of Los Angeles
Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer and Assoc., Los Angeles and New York
The City of Burbank, Burbank, CA
Brenda Levin and Associates, Los Angeles, CA
The Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA
Saint Monica's Church, Santa Monica, CA
The Historic Mission Inn Corporation, Riverside, CA
International Iberian Institute of Art, Santa Fe, NM
Friends of Mexico Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Park, CA
The State Government of Washington
Getty Conservation Institute, Marina Del Rey, CA
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, CA

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