Scott M. Haskins
Preservation Coach

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Scott M. Haskins
A Recipient of
The National
Preservations Award

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Save Your Stuff Book Cover

How to Save Your Stuff from a Disaster Book Cover
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Save Your Stuff Book Cover

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How To Save
Your Stuff
From A Disaster

By Scott M. Haskins

"In my region of the country, I am known as the 'Earthquake Lady.' Whenever the press wants to know something, I'm the one in front of the camera. I'm always getting questions about people's personal items and I've always had difficulty answering them. Now I can answer all their questions! I'm so pleased to have found this book!"
Dr. Joyce B. Bagley,
Charleston Southern University, S. Carolina

Media Room

A Proposal for Your Event
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
Your Non profit
Your Corporation
Your Govn't Dept

Scott M. Haskins, author, emergency preparedness and preservation expert will speak at your event, conduct workshops and assist with PR. Create a buzz of excitement around your event with the inclusion of sponsors and fundraising for your favorite charity! Cross promotions with synergistic results will include many within the community.
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Consultation Services
Consultation services include emergency preparedness and disaster response planning and research, insurance evaluations connected with emergency/damage surveys, acquisition/ deaccession evaluations, grant preparation and applications, fundraising, setting collection conservation/preservation priorities, long-range planning and short-range budget plans, evaluations of storage facilities and environmental needs, consultant for traveling exhibitions/shipping. Some of the more notable clients for these services have been...
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Publications, Papers, Workshops & Seminars Presented
2008 Hurricane Emergency Preparedness Expo, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, LA --
"How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster"
Provided consultation and expertise and submitted
formal proposals for government entities consultant.
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Look what people are saying about
How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster

"As a self-help book it is the ultimate manual...
This is a must have for anyone who prizes the family's photo, papers etc.
... even without a home disaster."

~ Juanita Thinnes, Past Pres. Friends of the Historic Mission Inn,
Riverside, California and genealogist.

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Press Articles:

Treasures Out of Rubble
Santa Barbara News-Press
By Dave Mason, News-Press Staff Writer
Amid the ruins of her home, Jenna Fikes found the shoe that would keep her safe on her "planet of nightmares".
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FACL Inc. helps Tea Fire victims with damaged art
Santa Barbara News-Press
By Dave Mason, News-Press Staff Writer
An oil painting of a lake in the Sierras became so hot during the Tea Fire that bubbles surfaced on the canvas.
"If the bubbles burst, it would have looked like craters on the moon," said Scott M. Haskins, owner of Fine Arts Conservation Laboratories (FACL) Inc. in Santa Barbara.

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Press Media Kit

Media Kit Cover

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Media Kit Flyer
Hi, my name is Scott Haskins,
I'm the ONLY emergency preparedness expert and author on how to protect
and save photos, documents, books and memorabilia.

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Sample Interview Questions for Scott M. Haskins
Author of How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster
1. Scott, I've heard you get involved with interesting projects. Have you ever
been called in on a heist or theft?
CSI Miami — TV— Answer takes about 1 minute
Grandma's Port — Theft— 3 minutes
Ancestor's Portraits Murdered— 3 minutes
Popo's Shaman— Artist Suicide— 5 minutes

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Scott M. Haskins Professional Resumé
Conservator of Fine Art
Professional History

January 1986 to Present: FACL, Inc. (Fine Art Conservation Laboratories) in Santa Barbara, California. Director, Chief Conservator of facility which specializes in the conservation of easel paintings (panel, fabric), murals (affresco, tempera, oil), works of art on paper and period frames. FACL, Inc. performs services for clients throughout the United States. The moveable artwork is treated in the 2400 sq. ft. Santa Barbara laboratory. On-location projects (murals, surveys) are performed each year. The laboratory is equipped with an 8' x 12' hot table, suction tabletop, polarizing microscope and an infrared reflectometer. An extensive amount of consultation work is performed including collection surveys, authentication studies, exhibition and acquisition needs.
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